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American Artist/author John H. Sibley was born in Chicago.His earliest artistic influence was his cousin Levi who lived on the impoverished west side of Chicago. Levi was so poor he would use window shade, wrapping paper, Chinese paper, and cardboard—what we would call today “found art” to draw on. Despite his poverty he was a real genius and started teaching John anatomy and painting at the age of eleven, and subsequent training at the Art Instruction School, a correspondence course based in Minneapolis. After he won a color illustration contest at the school, he knew art was his calling.
After graduating from high school and studying one year at the American Academy of Art in Chicago he enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1968, during the Vietnam era’s, bloody Tet Offensive and served two years at Osan Air force base in Korea. 
He studied under Mr. White at Kennedy and King College and under Mr. Parks at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. He transferred to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and studied under Emilio Cruz and graduated with a BFA in 1994.
Through his career John H. Sibley promoted his eclectic ideas through his paintings, books, articles, seminars, public speaking and television interviews. His latest non-fiction book "The Wild Bunch: Gods, Guns, and Gangs" is about Sam Peckinpah's movie "The Wild Bunch" which was a metaphor for violence in America. You can buy a signed copy from this website.


You can order signed limited edition prints from 8X10 to 42X60 (free shipping) Contact artist for details.

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